50 Shades of Sharing & Supporting

two-strokesIt was highlighted in the papers this week that many stroke survivors, especially those struggling with aphasia, are feeling alone and isolated. Not having sufficient or some times any support or help to understand and improve things.

As survivors we understand only too well the emotions these people and their families experience at discharge from hospital and for the following months. Although no two strokes are the same, the overall difficulties and dilemmas are the same or similar. There really is no one any better qualified to help these people than those of us who have experienced these trying and dark times, yet come out the other side.

Reflecting back to the early days of coming to terms with this different version of me and different life, I found there wasn’t anyone to turn to to answer questions I had and to help me in the ways both I needed and my family needed too. This is why I was determined to write my book and help as many people as possible, hopefully preventing them having to feel lost and alone in the way I did.

As I hope you already know, in a greater attempt to help more people, my book is now free to download, please click the link below:


I ask you all if you could please help me to share this information in the attempt to reach out to and help as many people as possible. If you could please direct people to my blog, share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram whatever you prefer to use. Together hopefully we can help more families. Survivors helping survivors. I thank you all in anticipation of your kind support.

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