50 Shades of Safety

I found myself in a situation of having to dismantle our grandfather clock, and as you may know already my difficulties following stroke you can appreciate my apprehension. Nick began by carefully removing the glass outer case, revealing the brass face and workings. At this point I bent next to the clock to retrieve something when I stumbled falling towards the clock, and before I knew it, the heavy brass face and workings had fallen from height hitting the side of my head, my glasses saving a little but blood still streaming down my neck. My head throbbing, I instantly fell but fortunately into a chair by side. I appeared stunned as couldn’t move at all in anyway for what felt like several minutes but in reality I am not sure how long it lasted.

I had a piercing pain inside my head and it felt as though somehow it was bleeding, even though that sounds strange. This feeling did not really go away so despite trying to carry on and continue with things I appeared to be getting worse, and the head pain became yet more intense, painkillers not able to relieve it in any way. I decided to make an appointment with my doctor who feared it might be a bleed and sent me directly to hospital for a scan. She phoned ahead so that they were expecting me.

The triage nurse was not so helpful because as soon as I told her truthfully, that the injury had not occurred that day her attitude changed towards me, and she told me I would have to wait my turn at the back with everyone else. I explained my doctor had already spoken to someone and I was expected for a scan, however she was clearly not in a listening frame of mind.

When I was seen the doctor was totally different, I was not allowed anywhere on my own or to even walk in case it was a bleed. Despite the scan showing a lot of damage to the brain as a result of my strokes, fortunately there were no signs of a bleed.. They say I have tissue damage and bad concussion so must take painkillers regularly, keep fluids up and rest as it could take a while to recover. Concussion takes longer for someone with previous brain injury to recover from than it does for anyone else. Something else for us to bear in mind.


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