50 Shades of Reviewing New Year’s Resolutions

This blog relates to my first blog this year.  We are already midway into January and I wonder if those of us who made New Year’s Resolutions have already broken them, or actually forgot about them altogether.  Do you not think that often we set ourselves up for a fall?  And then feel even worse about our failure?  As stroke survivors, life can be tough enough as it is without piling on additional pressures. Therefore, I thought it would be better to slightly re-evaluate things and think realistically what we would like to achieve, however small. Think of a target or a goal that is realistic and achievable. This way we are more likely to achieve the result, and by doing so, feel better about ourselves. With this winning mindset, we can then set a second goal and so on. I suggest you keep note pad to record these throughout the year, so in January next year you can reflect on what you achieved.  Would you not agree that this sounds far better than setting yourself the same old resolutions that you don’t obtain? It maybe that they are not the ones you are truly want, but people around you make you feel you ought to aim for them. It maybe you pluck one quickly because you have been asked the question before giving it much thought and before you know you are stuck with it. You can see you are not going to keep or achieve them because your heart really isn’t totally in it.

By having, this slightly different approach you feel good about yourself and your positive attitude affects others.  A win-win situation!

One aspect of this different approach is to make it realistic. If as a stroke survivor you have decided to eat more healthily, for example eat less sugar, you are not saying, “I will not eat sugar” the chances are you will not keep to that.

Sugar is in so many things and as stroke survivors we struggle with shopping, meal preparation, not to mention memory, so we need to rely on others help too. We can however make changes when possible. Have sugars that are more natural. Instead of toast and marmalade for breakfast, have porridge and blueberries. Instead of reaching for sugar filled snacks, go for an alternative such as nuts. With little changes like this, we are more likely to reach our goal and feel better. I intend writing more about foods and hopefully healthy Asian cooking too.

If we say we want to be more active, this is also difficult due to limitations, fatigue, falling etc. But once again there are ways of measuring our movement. Rather than think I can’t use a Fit bit because I couldn’t reach ten thousand steps a day, view it differently. Get one and see what your personal best is, maybe a thousand a day is okay. Remember you couldn’t do a single step previously. View it differently and reward yourself. Having done that and feeling positive again, make sure you move daily and your activity rate doesn’t drop too low; you sleep in between, but even little steps help. You get the idea realistic, achievable goals equal positive results.

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