50 Shades of Rest


This week my body has ensured I listen and look after it and friends have helped me do so. Monday was particularly busy and as a result my health deteriorated further as a result I am still struggling fighting pain in my chest: the feeling I recognise only too well that could so easily be the start of that slippery road before pericarditis, which I have had the last two winters. Also, the nagging pain in a small area in the left side of my head, so Tuesday things changed. I began to behave, and each day since then I have slowed down, tackled my paperwork in bite size chunks each day and remained in the warm, unless I have kindly been visited by friends and we have gone out for a lovely lunch. I haven’t felt able to do exercise this week but I have slept in the afternoon where possible and actually achieved quite a few of the most pressing deadlines, yet rested too.

Two friends very kindly took me for such a huge lunch I could barely walk, not only afterwards. but several hours afterwards.  Once home over a drink, they offered help by organising an event early next year at a local cricket ground to help me raise the £3000, so kind. Another friend I’ve recently met through my book, Simon, who lives miles away from me – we haven’t yet met in person but we are working on that – has also kindly offered to help me and a kind friend Simon’s offered a most kind gift to Nick and myself.

As we were preparing supper one evening there was a knock on the door and our next door neighbour, Sabine was the other side with a delicious pudding and booze cream in hand for us piping hot straight from the oven, the cream so boozy with damson gin –it was a delicate pink in colour – you can imagine how fabulous it tasted.

My point really of my blog this week is despite the terrible sadness in the news the last few days, there are also so many acts of kindness out there too, and if each of us made it a habit to practise this daily, only once, what a difference we could all make! Then in time, perhaps twice, you imagine the ripple effect we are making. Whilst bringing it back to stroke for a moment and the benefits of slowing down and rest, I still have a way to go and admit I may even need to visit my doctor but equally I can feel huge benefits from such a week. So this coming week my mother and a friend have offered to help me start packing, and I have accepted the help I will pace myself again, factor in sleep but hopefully also a little walking again also striking a healthy balance.



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