50 Shades of pets’ protection


For many of us, our pets are members of our family but for some of us they are eve more than that: Protectors and guardians of a different sense. I talk of our darling whippet, Ego in my book, how she sensed my stroke and her out of character behaviour that day prevented me from remaining asleep, forced me to continue to try for help. Her protection lasted long after that. She missed me so much all the time I remained in hospital. Every time I left the house following my stay in hospital, despite it being a year later, she would come out to the car to greet me and to check I had returned. On the occasions things had deteriorated and I had been forced to return to hospital she would lie next to me or very gently across me in a protective manner as if to indicate to the paramedics my fragility. She would not harm anyone but only when she was satisfied the paramedics were treating me for my benefit would she move aside, but that said she would follow to the ambulance and watch on whilst I was settled inside. She would lick my stroke side where I was void of feeling and do the same to my father’s arm as he too has had a stroke. My parents’ dog, Lily, also acts in this way and is my father’s shadow.

We sadly lost Ego, she too had a stroke, this was such a difficult and sad time for us, she left such a huge whole in our lives. Henry handled everything with such maturity and strength doing all the right things for her and to help me, yet inside he was hurting as I was but he was trying to help me as was Nick.

We already had little Willow, also a whippet who cried every night for sometime for Ego, she also wouldn’t leave me. She licks me on my weaker side too & around my heart area, again she refuses to move until she is satisfied with each paramedic and as her character is less polite shall we say, she has got onto the ambulance more than once fully expecting to be allowed to travel with me.

When I am beginning to feel unwell she will not leave me, licks my side continually, as I begin to feel better it is as though I am invisible. The usual greeting then content to be where she is most comfortable. Their love and their sixth sense is unexplainable in that it cannot be described in a better way than this yet it cannot be doubted either, I have not known an animal be wrong in their sense or diagnosis of a situation being not quite as it should be.

How many of us as pet owners I wonder experience exactly this from our beloved four legged friend and family member?

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