50 Shades of Opportunity

This week my blog is short and sweet, thanks to the belief in the ability of my books’ power to help Stroke Survivors and their Families; Bayer Pharmaceutical in order to promote the audio version of ‘Two Strokes Not Out’, have kindly funded adverts in the national press and digital versions of the adverts online. The adverts show the way to obtain the free download of the audiobook. It is my hope that this through this promotion I now have the opportunity to reach out to many more people, helping as many as possible.

As stroke survivors, we know only too well what a lonely and frightening time it can be. How at times we really need questions answered and there simply is not anyone available to do that for us. Our family members also feel this, along with fear and concern for this sudden burden of responsibility thrust upon them. We were all thrown into this terrifying new situation overnight without any prior warning.

Medical staff have fortunately brought us to a stage where we are safe, still alive and searching for ways to improve, but because they, fortunately, cannot talk from experience of having had a stroke. They cannot promise something they do not first handily understand. This is where, I truly believe the patient mentoring service slots in perfectly and would work hand in hand with the medics and survivors, helping patients, their families and free up funds for the NHS  along with time for medics to diagnose and treat. This is something I have been saying for some time now in many of my talks and I would love the opportunity to be able to voice it on the Andrew Marr Show,  to finally be heard.

Until then, a huge, huge thanks to Bayer for their encouragement and support enabling many more people to be helped this way from the early stages, even whilst still in the hospital, listening to my audiobook.

Please help to spread the word, to help more people. It is wonderful to hear that people who had their stroke as long as twelve years ago, still learnt things and benefited, so I ask why not give it a listen, after all, it’s available free.

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  • Well done for spreading the news and doing what you can do. Shelagh

    • Hello Sheelah, Many thanks for your kind comment as you yourself already feel it is so very important we try to encourage and support fellow survivors whilst also raising awareness of stroke itself. Sas

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