50 Shades of Normality

.How often do you look at family and friends these days enjoying everyday activities and long to join in? However hard you try to remain positive and unaffected by things, your emotions kick in and you feel left out. You long to be as you were before your stroke, or at least find a way to join in.

I am sure we are all the same with these emotions and experience it time and time again, but when we do find a way to overcome things and join in, the pleasure is immense and feelings of ‘the old you’ return.

An example of this happened last weekend, Henry and his girlfriend were home and we were all searching for something in the garage, when we came across the swing ball. Immediately our search stopped and the game began. I sat for ages with my drink doing as I always do these days, looking on. Then suddenly things changed we all decided I could have a go, we would work out how I could join in. We started with the ball half way down the spiral, Henry was my throwing hand, and play began. We had worked out that as I now have to use my left hand I would be best to try back hand shots and play that way. Admittedly the game was adapted rather a lot, and I used my stick for stability but fun was to be had by all and so much laughter shared; it was fabulous. The weather was so lovely we were all able to eat outside that evening and game resumed before our main course, it really made my day.

I now would like to get my father to try it too as I’ve been forced to twist, turn and stretch whilst having fun. These are movements as stroke survivors we no longer do due to our limitations.

I admit I almost fell over a few times but I enjoyed it so much, that if I had have fallen I would still have been laughing I think, and there were sufficient people to help me up. So game set and match to feelings of normality.

I promised it would be a short and light – hearted blog this week.


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