50 Shades of Naughty Foods

If you are like me, you like chocolate and don’t need an excuse to eat it. But there is good news for all you chocolate lovers out there. It has been discovered from a study that tracks the impact of diet on long term health of 25,000 men and woman that is highly beneficial. It was suggested they eat up to 100g of chocolate each day and findings identified that it was linked to reducing the risk s of heart disease and stroke.

Dark chocolate has long been identified for its antioxidants and their benefits protecting against certain conditions; one study published last year claimed eating it regularly can prevent obesity and diabetes. Even that eating regularly, in moderation, can be beneficial for the heart. But it has been only more recently identified that milk chocolate has benefits too. 

So my message here is don’t obviously go mad but equally don’t feel guilty. Listen to your body and enjoy what you really feel like having. Moderation remains key. 

We can spread this goodness and take it a step further taking advantage of the time of year. As stroke survivors, having our daily difficulties, many of us know only too well what it is like not to be able to get out, to get to shops unless someone kindly offers to take us.

Take this further people and think of people in different situations; those on their own, struggling with health or perhaps financially. You don’t have to know who they are, just be aware of their existence. Buy some chocolates and wrap them, and it could be lovely to receive. Put it in a bag, knock the door, then leave before you can be seen, you could even include a card a Christmas wish from someone hoping to spread Christmas cheer? Do what is right for you. Return home enjoy your chocolate whilst looking after your heart, knowing you have warmed someone else’s’ too.


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