50 Shades of Natural Pain Remedies


I have recently been browsing through recipe books and filtering through their contents to select dishes I can attempt, either on my own or with some help. I hadn’t realised until this weekend I was being drawn to just about every recipe containing cherries. I have mentioned previously, I think, about our bodies making us crave things we are lacking in some nutrients. It was only when I decided on one dish and Nick set off to purchase the required cherries, that I discovered that apparently there was a shortage. I mentioned this to my mother who said she had read an article that they were the new favored fruit snack replacing the daily apple, so much so that apple trees are now being uprooted to be replaced with cherry ones. 

It is now believed that cherries are a wonderful substitute for aspirin as a pain relief, what could be better than a bowl of delicious fresh cherries, alongside the enjoyable fruit taste they are tackling pain. We must remember obviously we do not have to have pain to include them in our diet, when they are back in the shops that is, although this is stating the obvious we are all guilty of reaching for the sugary snacks all too often, or am I the only one?!  

Another remedy for pain as I am sure you are already aware – it is also beneficial to sportsmen who suffer from muscle cramp – if they consume 500 milligrams of ginger daily and the pain will disappear. This makes me ask will it help stroke survivors who suffer from muscle pain and cramp and are often told “that is stroke, it cannot be helped”. Anything we can do to help ourselves is worth trying so I personally feel it is worth attempting for a couple of months to trial.

Ginger also helps treat an upset stomach which some people experience due to some medication.  

Turmeric, a spice we all have in our kitchen cupboard, is used for flavoring but did you realise it also helps prevent inflammations that may lead to constant pain in some parts of your body? An easy way to ease this pain is a daily drink made of turmeric with honey and lemon. 

Another food that works brilliantly when included in your regular eating plans is celery. It is a large source of apigenin which helps fight pain and swelling. If you soften it, fry it off in olive oil before adding to recipes you are cooking as it is another beneficial pain fighting food. It is said olive oil also has the ability to reduce the risk of cancer.

Another basic ingredient in pain relief is capsaicin which is found in chilies and cayenne pepper. Try to include these into your regular diet also.

Flax seeds are a good source of omega-3 so for those who do not like fish especially if you sprinkle these into your cereal, salads or yogurt. You will boost your omega-3 but also it also helps aid pain.

Another ingredient we all have in the cupboard is cinnamon, a simple spice which is lovely added to some puddings, pastries and drinks but it also helps fight off headaches.  

Finally a herb that not only smells and tastes delicious but can also potentially aid our recovery as we work on our memory, this is sage. It has been medically proven to help enhance memory. It is also high in flavonoids which makes it one of greatest natural ingredients for relieving pain and swellings.  

I feel that by making it habit to use all these above ingredients within our recovery programme we can only stand to benefit yet further, don’t you agree? It is worth a try and wait and see, the proof is in the ‘pudding’ as it were.


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