50 shades of logic

AntiboticsAutumn is here and we all see it differently some feel low at the thought of winter approaching and others, like me, love its splendour of colour and the cheerful feeling that it gives us. This aside we need to think of our immune systems and for us stroke survivors, especially. I don’t know about you but pre stroke days I had an immune system that was good, second to none, now it is poor.

I struggle with things I hadn’t ever heard of prior to stroke and pick up bugs that tend to do the rounds in the winter months. This in mind it is important, as I mention in my book, to look at what we eat. Foods that can help boost our immune system, rather than turn to vitamin pills look at what is in season and eat nuts, dried foods etc.

Also like many of you, I am sure, remember reading that as a nation we are building a resistance to some antibiotics and I sometimes hear people say that once they were feeling better they did not finish the whole course of antibiotics. This as we are told is bad for us. For this reason rather than write my version of what I have just read, I have decided to re print a page written by one of my local Doctors on this very subject. I hope you will find it as interesting as I have.


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