50 Shades of Lime


Ways of immune boosting

During the winter months especially, and for those of us not able to exercise as much as others, boosting our immune system is more important than ever.

One way we can do this is to increase our intake of fresh fruit and vegetables. Particularly foods rich in vitamin C and antioxidants help boost the immune system and help fight off flu & colds.

We can also rethink some of our regular daily drinks, instead of always reaching for tea or coffee try adding lemon or lime juice to hot water each day for one or two drinks at least.

Another thing we can do is increase our iron absorbency. Iron deficiency is one of the greatest reasons for anaemia in developed countries. Combining foods rich in vitamin C with foods rich in iron increases the bodies absorption of iron. This can be done so simply for example squeeze lemon juice on a salad with spinach or chickpeas, both rich in iron. Lime juice also has antibacterial qualities. Vitamin C also helps people with asthma, it assists in preventing asthma.

Lime juice and peel have been proven to show a decrease in fatty streaks in coronary arteries which are indications of placque build up and subsequently cardiovascular disease. A different study showed that low levels of vitamin C increase the risk of stroke. Limes are a large source of vitamin C which can help recover skin damage caused by pollution and sun exposure. it can even help reduce wrinkles and improve overall skin texture. It helps with the building of collagen which provides the structure of skin and hair.

According to the American Heart Association eating higher amounts of citrus fruits may lower Ischaemic stroke risk for women.

Limes are a fruit often used to accent flavours in foods especially used in Thai, Mexican and Vietnamese dishes. I teaspoon of limejuice is 4% of our daily vitamin C requirement. Try and make buying limes a habit when you shop and either add the juice to hot water as a drink, salad dressings or in different dishes get used to adding the grated zest too where possible. Small changes offer many benefits. It only take repetition for 28 days in order to make something a habit. Start the New Year with a simple and effective one that will benefit not only your health but your whole family too.

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