50 Shades of Improvement

.During a conversation with a dear friend this week, it was highlighted to me just how much I have progressed with a few things, compared to twelve months ago.

As we know only too well, it is only too easy to focus on our next goal, possibly how far away we are from achieving it. Due to continually trying to improve in so many areas following stroke, it feels as though we spend our lives now chasing goals. This means sadly we can often forget to stop and reflect on how far we have come, how much we have already achieved.

I know I still have many things I need to conquer, driving being one of them, but we must make sure we still always celebrate our achievements. When possible, try to have conversations with friends or family about how you coped with certain things twelve months from now, hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised by how far you have come.

In saying this we must make sure also we do not slow down on our efforts to keep up the improvements.

As I write this blog, I am reminded that immediately following my stroke I could no longer read yet alone write down what I wished to communicate to others. When I did first write again, not all the words I believed I had put down had actually been transferred from my thought to the keypad of my computer, there was a breakdown between the link of the brain and the hand, the none dominant hand, which I was learning to use to write and type with. With constant practice of reading and writing again, more of the ‘old me’ is returning, neurones reconnecting or new ones taking over.

So in summary, take time and reflect then a little more time and celebrate all the achievements you have now highlighted, remember too make it habit to celebrate each success & achievement.


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