50 Shades of Hope


Having already informed you in advance of my most recent talk, you may not be at all surprised, I am sure that this blog is reflecting on my recent trip to Hamburg. I was very fortunate to be part of a very interesting and exciting discussion. Although the topics discussed are still in embryo stage the whole subject is both exciting and promising. The people involved were inspiring and fully believe in what they are working on.

From my point of view, which is music to your ears as fellow survivors, the emphasis of the event was very much on patient focus and involvement, about the patient becoming more involved. It was wonderful to learn that people of this position are on the side, if you like, of the patient. One area that was discussed was the use of an app that enables a patient to inform professionals after discharge of any changes in their medical condition. This would have the twofold advantage of not allowing things to get out of control as well as not requiring unnecessary appointments. I am very much simplifying everything discussed but at this stage other than to say that greater use between patient, GP & the specialist along with the use of social media is also a very promising way forward, for us all, for the future.

As ‘end users’ the way things currently stand, we are not aware of promising work being discussed and ideas voiced until events like this take place.

I finally had the opportunity to put faces to names; the wonderful people who made this whole event possible for me to attend the DIA, and the three people I had already spoken to over the phone. Thanks to Twitter and the fabulous involvement I have previously been able to have in these conferences, from afar, thanks to Sign against Stoke, I felt I knew Andrew before I met him. It it always strange when you become friends as it was due to sharing a desire to spread information on such a powerful topic, yet you have never met. Equally I had spoken to Paul and Pooja from Bayer but not met them in person until the conference. It was a pleasure to meet them all finally and to have the opportunity to discuss things in more detail with both Andrew and Paul during lunch. Thank you both.

I feel excited and privileged to have been a part of the DIA Euro conference and I truly hope there are many more to come. Thank you everyone involved.

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