50 Shades of Hope

.I briefly explained last week that I was exhibiting at Great Witley Art Exhibition over the Bank Holiday weekend, and at the same time taking part in the ESC Congress in Rome on the Importance of Real World Evidence in Blood Clot Management

Well where do I begin? Perhaps locally is a start. Here in Worcestershire, the exhibition was opened as always on the Friday evening with a preview, where all the artists and guests chat whilst sipping Pimms and enjoying canapés and the company of Henry Sandon, MBE who kindly attends this opening each year.

It is a relaxed and enjoyable start to a lovely weekend and people are also able to buy on the opening night.

I am pleased to report that although I could not attend the rest of the exhibition this year, I am fortunate enough to have sold one of my pictures exhibited. One I call Merlin and Magic, a painting of two foxhounds.

Whilst the Exhibition was in full swing, I travelled to Rome, for the ESC Congress and the exciting trial of the Hemiparesis simulator which gives the wearer the opportunity to experience the feeling of difficulties following stroke all  thanks to Bayer Pharmaceutical.

This was at the conference workshop I spoke at, and in front of 60 to 70 journalists from around the world, all of whom were given the opportunity to try the suit and then afterwards ask me questions. Real questions as to how stroke survivors live daily with what they had just experienced for a few minutes.

The suit gave the wearer the experience of what we live with on a level 2. Stroke paralysis as we know is measured on levels 1 to 5.

I also mentioned the fact in my speech, unlike the trial, I (we) cannot take mine (ours) off.

The combination of my words and trying out the suit made those journalists extremely emotional. Thanks to Bayer and the ESC, many more people and people who have the power to spread the word such as medical journalists, left the conference with strong emotions and a far greater understanding of what we have to cope with on a daily basis.

As if that was not exciting enough there are now many things being trial led regarding blood clot management, technology regarding reminding us to take our medication. Real world evidence is allowing the patient a voice, input into our outcome.

Despite the limitations of stroke, the fatigue issues etc., I have returned from Rome filled with hope and excitement that I wish to share.


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