50 Shades of Help & Support

kindnessThe Stroke Association Media team are highlighting once again, the high percentage of stroke survivors who feel alone and abandoned following stroke. Especially  those struggling with aphasia.

Many of us are only too aware of the frustrations that go with this condition not just for us, the survivor but for family members who have to learn how to not only cope but how best to help us. It is so easy for them to want to finish our sentences, guess and join in but we know only too well it actually sadly only adds to our frustration, as in our heads we know the words, but try as we may, they just will not leave our lips.

This as we also know is only one of the difficulties we face.

We also know that as time goes on we may improve in some ways, but as we do it only then makes us more aware of other difficulties, some don’t ease even years on. Six years on I still struggle with fatigue to mention just one, but I find ways to work and plan around things.

I have been getting things ready for an art and Craft exhibition this weekend so I have had to work and plan around sleep, allowing myself extra in order to achieve my aim. I have also had to still accept help with the things I am still unable do, for example driving, lifting etc.

As many of you already know by planning and accepting the things we are unable to do, we can still achieve great things  and if we don’t quite meet out high standards and we make mistakes we learn from them so we can achieve the next time.

This is why I believe it is vital that we, as stroke survivors, who are seen to be the best supports, helpers and listeners for those the Stroke Association Media Team talk about, are called upon to offer help. It may never be possible for us to be at the bedside of every stroke patient in order to offer this valuable assistance for their recovery, but the free audio version of ‘Two Strokes Not Out’ could be.

So for this reason I ask you please to help me to help me by sharing this link bit.ly/2fxhujP  with as many people as possible via Twitter, re-tweet, share on Facebook, Instagram or any social media platform you use. If  you have any ideas as to how I can escalate getting it onto neurological wards to help more people sooner, please do not hesitate in contacting me.

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