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I already talked about this in my last blog but it definitely deserves a second mention I’m sure you agree.

27-year-old, former multi-sport coach, Megan Giglia used cycling as a prominent part of her recovery programs following her stroke but I wonder if she ever imagined it taking her to such heights? She says it gives her something to live for and hopes it inspires others to do something with their lives, this I feel is a fabulous example set by her to stroke survivors. She shows us that despite the hand we have been dealt and disabilities we still battle with, we can still achieve fabulous things.

Prior to the games, Megan said every race she competes in she dedicates to everyone and their families who are dealing with the effects of stroke. She also made a special dedication prior to her 3km pursuit to a young boy Alasdair Rowan who is also recovering from stroke and she had a photo of him with her which she showed on television. The charity ‘Different Strokes’ had put them both in contact with one another.

Young Alasdair had his stroke at age nine following an aneurism, a strong reminder that sadly children have strokes too.

Different strokes are wonderful at helping raise awareness of the sad fact that stroke knows no bounds, has no respect for age, weight, colour or size.  

Megan, Britain’s first gold medalist at 2016 Rio Paralympics, has raised greater awareness in the reality that stroke happens to younger people and also that with continual hard work and determination we can recover, not to mention achieve great things.

Megan who says her life consists of cycling, sleeping and eating was somehow still in shock at her fabulous achievement it had not quite sunk in, but all I can say is congratulations Megan on every level from all your fellow stroke survivors.


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