50 Shades of Food


Now that we are into the shorter winter days and the damp chill in the air, many of us, myself included, find we have to be more careful with our health. Simply having a flu jab isn’t sufficient protection against winter colds and bugs, chest infections and the like. Often, also if we are fighting off one of these when we go along for a flu vaccination we find that it exaggerates the symptoms and we become unwell for sometime afterwards.

So what is the remedy? Obviously not being medical I cannot quote some magical answer but, I can speak from experience. Having now had several winters of ill health, pericarditis mainly, I went into this autumn fully armed as it were. I am not naive enough to say I have found the solution and I will definitely remain fit and healthy all winter, although obviously it is my wish and aim, but so far I have definitely improved on this time last year.

My secret, is my simple kitchen cupboard contents. I touch on these in my book so some of you will think it’s what you have already read but often we need reminding, why had I forgotten some of them?

By making a few changes and additions to our daily diet. My main one, my body was actually craving for, a simple nut, almonds. I have been eating these by the handful each time I have felt peckish. This craving has calmed down now and I eat them still daily but fewer per day. They are a super food packed with goodness, so much so having had my results last week my cholesterol and blood sugar both were dramatically reduced, my kidney & liver function improved too. If bought in small packets they are expensive but the new ‘kid on the block’,Aldi/Lidl sell them loose which is far better value. Don’t ever eat them blanched though, unless in cooking, as they are too difficult for the kidneys to break down.

There are other ingredients in our cupboards that help boost our health too, a few examples being :

Ginseng to fight infection. Echinacea helps to boost the immune system, it stimulates infection fighting cells it’s known as a cold remedy.

If you take ginger daily; it helps prevent colds it has magnesium and Zinc which helps stimulate blood circulation. If you mix this with fresh lemon juice and drink daily it helps to boost your immune system plus it is a hot drink at the same time. I find it also helps my complexion and hair.

Avocados, these have the ability to reduce bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol. If you don’t enjoy the taste you can mix them into a smoothie and disguise it easily.

Use olive oil in your cooking as much as possible it has the same abilities as avocados and studies show it has the ability to reduce the risk of stroke by 41%.

Cinnamon you can actually make into a drink or put onto toast. It helps prevent plaque build up within the arteries. It also helps reduce bad cholesterol. Turmeric can be added to many dishes and this too helps eliminate fatty deposits in the arteries. These are a few spices, ingredients and herbal remedies we all tend to have at our fingertips yet often forget about.

We remember more often the importance of our broccoli and its vitamin K etc. but these small ingredients tucked away should become regulars in our daily routine and we hopefully will enjoy the benefits relatively quickly.

I certainly have succeeded so far, both in how I feel, and how people say I look and was then confirmed with my most recent blood results. All I have to do is try to maintain it.


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