50 Shades of Concern

eatI recently wrote about the importance of having a flu jab. As stroke survivors we are more vulnerable to such viruses, so we should try as much as possible to increase the intake of foods that have the ability to help our immune systems.

It has been highlighted that stroke-associated pneumonia is a leading cause of  in-hospital death and post stroke outcomes. Screening patients at high risk is one of the main challenges in acute stroke units.

A study was carried out in a stroke unit France on ischemic stroke patients admitted to the ward. The different pneumonia risk scores of each relevant stroke patient on the stroke unit were recorded. One thousand, nine hundred and sixty patients were included in this data and pneumonia was observed in 8.6% of them. The conclusion of this study proved that all scores might be useful and applied to screen stroke-associated patients treated in French stroke units.

Personally, I find it quite confusing and can’t help but ask why this is only highlighted in France?  I don’t think it is not something we read about in the UK, or am I wrong?

Either way it is surely safer for us all to keep in mind this report, the importance of having our flu injection and doing all we possible can to aid our immune system, and do somehow as much activity as our body will allow. This will be limited these days for many of us, but to do something, however small, is better than being totally inactive, so please keep in mind a personal goal, something you can actually achieve, one that ideally will stretch you and force you to try a little harder.

At the end of each day, then each week you feel motivated and delighted by your own efforts and achievements, but at the same time fighting off unwanted ‘nastys’ like pneumonia.

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