50 Shades of Communication


As a result of the Post Concussion Syndrome I needed to return to my doctor’s surgery, and the waiting room was rather full. As the chair next to me became free, a young chap sat in it and the first thing I noticed was how lovely he was smiling. Shortly afterwards he apologised to me for smiling at me when he didn’t know me, I replied it was lovely and added if more of us smiled more often what a friendlier place it would be, smiles after all are contagious. Just prior to this, apart from the classical music in the background, the waiting room had been silent yet as we spoke a lady close to us joined in and shortly afterwards another lady too. Then when someone I knew entered the room a different lady offered to exchange seats so we could chat to one another, yet a conversation continued around us, all because of a smile.  

It doesn’t cost anything to smile so if this can begin in a short space of time in this environment, think what a difference we could all make if we tried to make it a habit. Promise ourselves that we won’t care what others may think of us but we will smile at least at one person we don’t know, next time we go out. If they don’t smile back, it doesn’t matter we do not know what may be going on in their lives, but that smile gifted upon them may just have made their day and at the very least they will have felt good from seeing and receiving a smile. We can then make that a habit, which apparently we only need to repeat for twenty-eight days to make it become a habit. This would make the person receiving, possibly without even realising smile back and a third person would see that and so it goes on. As the saying goes: smile and the world smiles with you. 

I came away from the doctors with this still in mind, so much so I discussed it and I’ve written this; so why don’t we all for the next week at least put it into practice, and see how we feel. I would be shocked if anyone said they didn’t feel better and lifted themselves by this simple, effortless and free action. Think also while you are smiling it takes fewer muscles to smile than it does to frown and therefore we are creating fewer wrinkles at the same time! Win, win don’t you agree?

So, are you going to smile with me and see how we get on?


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