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To those of you who know me on Twitter, you will be well aware I was up to something the past week, I was so busy I was unable to even log onto Twitter all week; I missed you all and now I’m back.

Now all will be revealed: Despite my struggles with fatigue and many tasks I had to be in London all week working on a fabulous project, along with some splendid people who are all equally excited by the forthcoming result.

Many people are well aware that it has been a long time wish to turn my book into an audio book and gift it to neurological wards with the intention to help fellow stroke survivors and their families.   I would hope it would also help people with any other neurological condition, even when patients are in a coma as they still may be able to hear.

As survivors, we know only too well the importance of support especially by someone who truly knows, someone who has lived and breathed the difficulties. An audio book can help those of us who may have lost their ability to read as so many of us have to learn to read again.

I am fortunate to be in a position to have spent the week with Paul Field from Bayer and Andrew Spong from Sign Against Stroke; all their hard work and time brought the whole event, and everyone else involved, together. A very productive hard working week has resulted in an audio book ready to be launched for World Stroke Day.

Paul brought into the project ‘Fleishman Hillard and Soho Voices Studio’, not only did everyone work so hard, share my excitement, and have so many fabulous ideas and attributions to the whole project but they were all mindful of my limitations due to fatigue. They happily continued with editing and with the PR side of our project while I slept in the middle of the day, so that I was able to continue in the afternoon.

We were, even if I say so myself, a wonderful team so I am pleased to announce we have a ‘wrap’ and a launch on World Stroke Day.

So all that remains for me to say is a huge thank you to Paul, Andrew, Bayer, Sign Against Stroke, Sheila, Steph & Maren of Fleishman Hillard and the boys from Soho Studios, Hugo and George, who could not have looked after us better.

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