50 Shades of Acting ‘FAST’

I have been fortunate enough to be involved in a short video sharing stories of stroke and emphasising the importance of acting quickly and getting help immediately if any one of us suspects someone could be having a stroke. As survivors of stroke, we know only too well the devastating effects that can happen if help is not on hand in time. We are left with disabilities or worse if we have missed the 4 hour window of opportunity for the clot-busting drug; if that is beneficial in our particular case. We know only too well the importance of having a scan as quickly as possible and in doing so it saves lives.

So you can understand my excitement, especially, as I am so passionate about raising greater awareness of stroke and helping prevent strokes where possible. So when I was given the opportunity to be a small part of the act FAST campaign it was an honour. Not only that, I had the pleasure of working with such fabulous people for the day, it gave me the opportunity to feel I was doing something worthwhile.

Please share the link with as many people as possible, and by doing so help save lives.

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